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Privacy Notice

When you interact with any website, you may have some concerns about where the information you enter is going, and what might happen to it after it gets there. Below is an explanation of what happens when you share personal information on the Katz & Phillips website, This information is applicable only to our website, except where otherwise noted.

What We Do With the Information You Give Us

Katz & Phillips will not share the personal information you give us with anyone, especially if it can identify you. However, we must disclose your address to mail or delivery services so we can send you the products you have purchased. We do not sell or rent your information to other companies, nor will we collect information about you from others based on what you have told us. The only information we have about you is what you voluntarily tell us. We will use that information to address the problem you have contacted us about, or, in the event you purchase from us, to deliver that product to you. For that, of course, we need your name and shipping address. We will use your credit card number only for payment and invoicing purposes. We may also use your email address to send you notification of special offers in the future, unless you have indicated that you do not want us to do that.

You Have Control of Your Information

You can ask us to stop contacting you at any time, and we will do so. If you want to know what information we have on file about you, you can email us or call us and we will be happy to tell you. You can make changes to this information at any time, or you can ask us to remove the information from our database. If you have questions or concerns, we will be glad to talk to you and address them.

Security Measures

Our website is set up to encrypt your personal information as it makes its way from your computer to us. If you have any doubts, check the bottom of your browser for a lock icon. This is proof that your credit card information is safe. The “https” at the beginning of our web address is further proof. Once your information is received by our office, it is shared with our workers on a “need to know” basis. Only those employees who must assist you or ship products to you have access to it, and our computer system is only available to the staff at Katz & Phillips.


When you register with our website, we use the information you give us only to supply to you with the information or product you have requested. You do not have to give us personal information if you do not want to, such as your age or sex. If you want to limit the information you enter to just your email address and your name, that is fine.

Cookies and Links

Cookies help us make your experience on our website as pleasant as possible, and to identify you if you come back again. They prevent you from repeatedly having to re-enter your contact information each time you visit us. These bits of data that store to your hard drive also let us know what you are looking at when you visit our site. However, they cannot reveal to us any personal information on your computer, and you can clear cookies from your own hard drive at any time, including any that our advertisers might implement. As a precaution, we have no control over those cookies or the advertisers’ practices. If you use a link on our site to move to another website, we have no control over or responsibility for that site. Check them out carefully before you issue any information that might personally identify you.

Surveys and Contests

Periodically, our website offers contests and surveys that may ask you for information so you can participate. Participation in these contests and surveys is not mandatory – taking part is up to you. If you do enter personal information for this purpose, we may use it to contact you about the survey or the contest you entered, and to award prizes. We may also share demographic information, such as your zip code, with our advertisers. Demographic information is not personal to you and it cannot identify you. It only indicates that someone who lives in a general geographic area or who has a certain level of education has visited our site.

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