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Antitrust Violations Attorney in Orlando

Antitrust Violations are a Federal Crime

In today’s big business world, there are many aggressive companies that take tough business stances when attempting to gain market share. Federal guidelines have strict laws concerning certain actions that can and cannot be taken. When a federal agency determines that a business has illegally attempted to control market share by failing to allow open competition, the company and its principals may be charged with antitrust violations. If your business or executives are facing these charges, contact an Orlando federal crimes defense attorney for immediate help to safeguard your company.

Monopolies developed some time in the past, which controlled the pricing of goods and services to the detriment of consumers. As a result, the government developed a number of laws know as Antitrust laws to protect consumers. These include the Sherman Antitrust Act, the Clayton Act and the Federal Trade Commission Act. These laws protected fair competition and pricing in an open marketplace.

Katz & Phillips, P.A. can take an aggressive and resourceful approach to defend against the charge you are facing, to protect you and your business and reputation. Contact our firm today to find out what actions must be immediately applied.

Types of Anti Trust Violations

Some violations that are commonly charged as Anti Trust violations include price fixing, bid rigging, vendor lock-in, market allocation and tying. These are complex actions that can involve numerous individuals. Federal officials generally spend considerable time researching and investigating these violations prior to charging someone. Litigation in this field can be time consuming and specialized. Retaining our aggressive and knowledgeable firm to help you through can greatly increase your chances of a more favorable outcome.

Our firm is dedicated to providing our clients with the personalized service they need when facing such charges. We understand the severity of the violations and can take effective steps to resolve the issue.

If facing antitrust violation charges, contact an Orlando Antitrust Violation Attorney today!

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