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Orlando Assault & Battery Lawyer

If you believe that raising a hand to someone, but not actually striking him or inflicting harm, is not a crime, you’d be wrong. If someone even believes he or she is in danger, you can be charged with assault in Florida. If you make actual contact with that person with the intention of hurting him or her or causing pain, your crime becomes one of battery. You don’t have to cause injury — your touch might even be inadvertent. It’s still battery in the state of Florida. If you have a weapon or firearm in your possession at the time, the charges jump to aggravated assault or aggravated battery, and the penalties become worse.

If you’ve found yourself in this sort of situation recently and you believe you may be charged with an assault or battery charge or both, you need an experienced and aggressive criminal defense attorney to fight for you. If you’ve already been charged, you need help immediately. The state of Florida fiercely prosecutes these crimes and judges are not likely to let you off easily if you don’t have help. This is not something you should handle on your own.

The attorneys at Katz & Phillips have successfully handled many assault and battery defenses. We know what to expect from the prosecution and we know how best to deal with it. We think outside the box to find the mitigating factor involved in your case that can make a difference between a charge for battery or one for assault. We’ll use that zealously in your defense to make a difference. Call the attorneys at Katz & Phillips today so we can begin protecting your rights.

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