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Orlando Bench Warrant Attorney

Picture this: you’re on your sofa enjoying popcorn and a movie with your spouse and children. Your doorbell rings, or maybe the knock on your door is louder and more forceful than the impact of a neighbor asking to borrow a cup of sugar. You answer the door, and a police officer stands there. He has a bench warrant for your arrest. You can’t imagine what you might possibly have done to cause this. By now, your children are probably crying. Your spouse is panicked and wondering who to call. You probably don’t know, because in those first few seconds, you may not even be able to recollect what you might possibly done wrong.

The state of Florida will issue a bench warrant if you fail to appear in court on a traffic ticket or if you have a past due child support obligation from a previous marriage or relationship. A bench warrant is different from an arrest warrant. An arrest warrant means you have broken a criminal law. A bench warrant means you took a misstep in the course of daily life. Maybe you weren’t even aware that your oversight could create a problem. Many people don’t know they’ve done something seriously wrong until a police officer shows up at their door.

If this happens to you, at your home or at your place of employment, you need to contact a lawyer the moment you know you’re in trouble. Your first consultation with a Katz & Phillips attorney is free of charge. We can assess your case and determine how best to proceed.

[expand]When a police officer has a bench warrant for your arrest, you will be taken into custody. You will go to jail over something as simple as a forgotten traffic ticket, past-due child support or a fine you forgot to pay. Therefore, you should call an attorney as soon as you know a warrant is a possibility. The attorneys at Katz & Phillips can potentially prevent law enforcement coming to your door. If police officers are already there, we can step in to get you out of jail as soon as possible. Then, we can go about the job of resolving your problem so that you are not faced with a criminal record.

Contact Katz & Phillips today so we can prevent a small problem from turning into a big one. If you try to avoid the problem, it will catch up with you. There’s a huge difference between facing the problem head-on and trying to hide from it. Your choice could be the difference between potential jail time and freedom.

Find Out How Our Criminal Defense Lawyers Can Help You Katz & Phillips, P.A. works to try to keep your record clear and keep you out of jail, or to minimize the possible penalties of serious charges you face. To learn more, call today and speak with an experienced member of our legal team