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Safety Tips for the Last Minute Shopper

shutterstock_534022405You visit friends and family and see there trees in the front window decked out with lights. You walk in the house and see dozens of presents wrapped and waiting under the tree. You begin to feel a bit less joyous and a lot more stressed. You haven’t even begun to shop for gifts this season. Not to worry.

There is just over a week of good shopping left for this holiday season. It is last minute, but you have time to get out there to find just the right gift. You can also take comfort knowing that you are among thousands who have procrastinated this season. That said, there are safety tips to be aware of … Read More

Domestic Violence May Rise During Holiday Season

shutterstock_529343248The holidays are thought by many to be one of the best times of year. People spend time with loved ones, celebrating a season filled with joy and giving. For others, the holidays is a dark time filled with uncertainty and fear  free psp games. Heightened expectations, financial needs and an increase in the consumption of alcohol can cause stress levels to rise dramatically. This rise in stress can also make a domestic violence incident more likely.

Because the holidays are supposed to be the most joyous time of year, people have higher expectations. People may be looking for the best gifts, feel… Read More

Don’t Be Disorderly in Florida

shutterstock_533277904The holidays are here. You may be planning on partying with friends or having more low-key celebrations with family. Adult beverages are sure to be included in your revelries. Knowing how to handle yourself after you have been drinking may be a key to not getting arrested.

In some states, you can be charged with public intoxication simply by going outside after having consumed alcohol. Thankfully, Florida isn’t one of those states. Feel free to leave the bar and hail a cab if you must. Just don’t do it while creating a ruckus. If you decide to behave in a way that draws undo attention toward… Read More

Understanding Contributing to the Delinquency of a Minor

shutterstock_111443777When a police officer suspects that a minor has violated the law in some way, that minor can be arrested and charged with a crime. Other options include being issued a citation or being held in custody until they can be released to their parent or guardian. Typically, these instances can be fairly straightforward and easy to resolve.

In other cases, matters become more complicated. This is true when the minor committed a crime because they were encouraged to do so or aided by an adult. When this type of crime is suspected, Lucky Patcher Apk for Android, both the minor and the adult may be arrested. Being… Read More

Five Realities of a Drunk Driving Conviction

shutterstock_404174317Most people are aware that a conviction of driving under the influence can bring hefty penalties. A person convicted of drunk driving faces jail time, hefty fines and court costs. What many people don’t consider are all of the consequences, as most are only worried about the immediate ones. Here are five consequences, including jail time, that should be considered before you make the decision to drink and drive.

1. Inconvenience

If you are convicted of a DUI, you will lose your license for a specific amount of time. This can be a minor annoyance or a major inconvenience. Driving is something… Read More

Shakespeare Has Nothing to Do With Romeo and Juliet in Florida

shutterstock_146465225Almost 10 years ago, Florida enacted a law that is commonly referred to as the “Romeo and Juliet” law. The purpose of the law is to allow young convicted sexual offenders the ability to avoid lifetime inclusion on the sex-offender registry. This allowance is only for those who have been convicted of sex crimes on the basis of a consensual relationship.

Many people mistakenly believe that this law created a near-age defense to sex crimes. It does not. Sexual activity with a minor is still illegal. What the law does is allow those convicted of some crimes to not be forced to include themselves… Read More

How to Behave If You Are Arrested

shutterstock_522593725No one wants to wind up in police custody. The process of being arrested and charged with a crime is stressful and can heighten emotions. It is those heightened emotions that often get people in more trouble than they were in to begin with. If you find yourself arrested this holiday season or at any other time of year, here are some things you want to avoid and a few things you want to do.

What Not to Do

One of the worst things you can do is to argue and fight with the police. It doesn’t matter at this point if you disagree with your arrest. Fighting the police will land you with more charges and make the … Read More

Avoid Identity Theft This Holiday Season

shutterstock_523662484Black Friday came and went last week. Did you do your bit to help spur on the economy? Millions of people headed out to local stores looking to score not only the right gift, but a great bargain in the process. Few people assumed that they would become the victim of identity theft, but they will soon find out that they are.

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According to the Federal Trade Commission, 10 million people are the victims of identity theft or fraud each year. The average victim of this crime will spend $500 and close to 30 hours to reduce or eliminate the effects of the crime. As you head out to malls this season or sit… Read More

Handling a Family Member’s Arrest

shutterstock_523794277No one wants a phone call in the middle of the night saying that a loved one has been arrested. Unfortunately, thousands of people deal with just this scenario on a daily basis across the United States. While some people are used to handling this situation, others may be facing it for the same time and not know what to do or where to turn. Here is what to do if you get that dreaded phone call.

1. Medication

One of the first things to consider, and one that is often neglected, is medication. If your family member requires prescription medication for a chronic condition, they should have informed jail staff.… Read More

5 Legal Mistakes to Avoid After an Arrest

shutterstock_46269745If you find yourself in the backseat of a police cruiser this holiday season, don’t panic. You have every right to be stressed and anxious, but losing your head could land you in deeper trouble than you are already in. Making mistakes now can hurt your case later. The more prepared you are, the better your outcome may be should you end up going to trial. Here are five mistakes to avoid if you get arrested.

1. Making Admissions

It’s not unusual for people who have been arrested to try and defend themselves. You naturally want to plead your case. This is the biggest mistake that people make.… Read More


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