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Safety Tips for the Last Minute Shopper

shutterstock_534022405You visit friends and family and see there trees in the front window decked out with lights. You walk in the house and see dozens of presents wrapped and waiting under the tree. You begin to feel a bit less joyous and a lot more stressed. You haven’t even begun to shop for gifts this season. Not to worry.

There is just over a week of good shopping left for this holiday season. It is last minute, but you have time to get out there to find just the right gift. You can also take comfort knowing that you are among thousands who have procrastinated this season. That said, there are safety tips to be aware of for the last minute shopper. Would-be criminals know that stores are often busier in the week leading up to Christmas than any other time and they are ready.

Shopping in Public

If you will be shopping in public instead of from the comfort of your own home, there are certain things to keep in mind in order to ensure your safety.

Don’t ever buy more than you can carry. Loading yourself down with packages is dangerous. Plan ahead if you will be buying a lot of gifts. Make a plan to bring a friend along to help you carry your goods, or plan on locking packages up in the car so you can continue shopping safely.

Consider purchasing a reloadable gift card to use for your holiday purchases. This will help to keep your identity safe. No matter how you will be choosing to pay, keep your eyes open and look around before you pull out your wallet. Thieves are just waiting for your attention to be taken away by something else.

Keep your purse tucked under your coat. A crossbody bag worn under your coat is the safest, most secure option. Do not use a clutch or a handbag. These are easily ripped out of your hands by a criminal running by.

Shopping Online

A fake Amazon site has recently made the news, and people are getting scammed out of thousands of dollars. Before you make a purchase online, be sure that you are on the correct site. A secure site will have an https as a URL header, not http. If you are unsure of the correct address or if you are on the right site, feel free to call customer service and ask.

Only shop with companies that you know and trust. Online retailers pop up during the holiday season. While some are real, many are not and are run by criminals out to steal your money and your identity. The holidays are not the time to shop at stores you have never heard of.

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