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Top 10 Crimes and Offenses Committed by Juveniles

If you are a parent, you worry about what your child does when they are not with you. You wonder if they are behaving. You wonder if they are safe. You are hopeful that they are not getting into any trouble.

Unfortunately for some parents, they are forced to deal with a child who has broken the law. This can cause stress upon the family, not to mention severe financial consequences when a child is convicted. As a parent, knowing the types of crimes that juveniles commit most frequently can help you take a proactive approach.

1. Theft
The most common crime committed by a child is theft or larceny. This may mean that your child steals a shirt from the mall or a backpack out of a locker. Talk to your children about the consequences of taking something that doesn’t belong to them.

2. Vandalism
It’s all fun and games until you get caught. Drawing on a bathroom stall doesn’t seem like a big deal. Painting a name on the wall of an abandoned building is simply something to do. Make sure that your children understand that these types of things are considered crimes.

3. Alcohol Offenses
Purchasing or consuming alcohol under the legal drinking age is a crime. Know where your kids will be spending their time and, if they are headed to a party, make sure adults will be present.

4. Disorderly Conduct
Cursing at a teacher or fighting in the parking lot after school can be considered disorderly conduct. While this type of behavior typically won’t land your child in juvenile hall, they will still have to answer for their actions.

5. Assault
Shoving, bullying and physical disagreements among people can all amount to assault. Teach your little ones how to deal with anger and irritation in a positive way.

6. Marijuana Possession
Depending on the amount of marijuana your child is caught with, they can be in serious trouble. Always talk to your children about the dangers of drugs.

7. Tobacco Offenses
It is not unusual for kids to experiment with tobacco. Kids who regularly smoke, on the other hand, are setting themselves up for a charge if they don’t kick the habit.

8. Curfew Violations
This is simple enough. Make sure your kids are home before the city’s curfew and follow through with consequences if they are not.

9. School Discipline
Kids get in trouble at school from time to time. If this happens with your child, get to the root cause and work with school personnel to make sure it doesn’t happen again.

10. Traffic Violations
Kids are often cited for speeding or other minor traffic violations. Be sure that you have given your child all of the tools necessary to be a responsible driver.

If your child has been arrested for a crime, you need an attorney experienced in juvenile law on your side. Call our offices today and allow us to review the details of your child’s case at no charge to you. Call now.

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