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Orlando Child Abuse Defense Lawyer

At a minimum, child abuse is a third degree felony in the state of Florida. It brings to mind thoughts of an adult striking or otherwise physically harming a child, but it does not stop there. You may be liable for child abuse charges if you cause psychological damage to a child, if you do anything that might potentially lead to the injury of a child, or even if you incite someone else to hurt a child. You can go to jail for up to five years in state prison. Under some grievous circumstances, child abuse can be a first degree felony. If a child is permanently disfigured or disabled by what occurred, if the child was confined or trapped in some way, if he was intentionally and harshly tortured or punished, you could face as many as 30 years behind bars. This does not even address the stain to your personal and professional reputation. If you work in certain fields, such as education or healthcare, you will most likely lose your job and never be able to replicate it with a similar position. You will have to change careers, and the mark on your criminal record will continue to haunt you.

It is critical that you engage the services of an excellent criminal defense attorney who will work zealously to prevent this kind of damage to your life. Our compassionate attorneys understand the delicacy of the charges you are facing. We will handle your problem with care and go to the wall to protect your reputation and your livelihood. The sooner we begin working on your case, the better. We can devote the time and the attention to begin sorting through the allegations against you and to defending you against them.

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