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Orlando Child Pornography Attorney

If you have reason to believe that authorities suspect you of possessing or creating hild pornography, you need a hard-hitting Orlando criminal defense lawyer to fight for your rights. The prosecution will stop at nothing to convict someone they believe has engaged in a sex crime against children, such as child pornography and child molestation. You need an attorney who is equally as driven to fight for your rights.

Child pornography can involve anything from a photo posted on the internet to having artwork in your possession depicting a child in a sexual situation or with sexual overtones. Defending against such charges requires much more than a mere court appearance by a young attorney who lacks experience. If you’re charged with such a crime, the rest of your life is at stake. You need an attorney who understands that and who has the experience and the know-how to make a difference.

Because such cases often involve the internet, special issues exist in defending them. You need a lawyer with internet experience, as well as an extensive background defending child sex crimes. The attorneys at Katz & Phillips can give you both and we’ll fight just as hard to exonerate you as the prosecution will fight to convict you. Call us today so we can start to help you defend against the charges against you.

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