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Child Sexual Abuse Charges in Orlando

Orlando Child Sexual Abuse Lawyer

Accusations of child sexual abuse are very serious and if convicted, you will face extreme penalties under state law. The charge will force you to find a way to defend your case if you are hoping to avoid the lifetime of damage to your personal and professional reputation, as well as facing prison time shared with the worst offenders in the state. In some cases, the accusations of child sexual abuse are completely false, and are based upon a relationship that has gone wrong, or during a bitter divorce in which child custody matters are in contention. No matter what your situation, it is strongly advised that you contact an Orlando sex crime attorney from Katz & Phillips, P.A. at once if you have been charged with this felony sexual offense.

Child Sexual Abuse Attorney in Orlando

The first step in defending accusations of child sexual abuse is a full review and evaluation of all evidence that has been gathered against you. The source of the information is pivotal; was the child coerced in any way to make accusations? Unfortunately, there are countless cases in which children were interviewed and made dreadful accusations merely through being led by a psychologist, parent or law enforcement child expert that led them into making accusations against an individual that were untrue. Young children do not have the same concept of truth and generally like to please those they are speaking to; they have been known to make serious accusations of sexual abuse when there was absolutely no truth to the accusations. Other cases could include exaggerations of facts, or actions being misconstrued. Whatever the case, reviewing the evidence will allow our legal team to determine how to best proceed with defending your case. Fast action is necessary in any such criminal charge, and we are ready to discuss your case with you. Contact an Orlando child sexual abuse lawyer from our firm to discuss your case without delay.

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