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Orlando Domestic Violence Lawyer

In years past, people did not often go to jail for committing acts of domestic violence. However, that all began to change in the 1980s. Currently, domestic violence penalties in Florida range from misdemeanors to felonies. If convicted, you will probably spend at least five days in jail and be subject to a mandatory counseling program and probation. If the act you committed results in a restraining order, you could be prohibited from contacting a loved one, or even from entering the approximate area where he or she works or lives.

Complicating the issue of conviction is the fact that so many acts can potentially fall under the legal umbrella of domestic violence. They include physical abuse and assault, verbal abuse, harassment and stalking. Technically, domestic violence is any harmful act perpetrated against a family member, someone you live with, or anyone you have or have had a close personal relationship with, even if you do not cohabit with that person. You may be charged with domestic violence if you neglect or abuse an elderly parent or your roommate’s child.

It is critical that you enlist the help of an experienced defense attorney if you are charged with one of these many offenses. With so many nuances to domestic violence issues, professional representation can make a huge difference between serious felony charges and more minor misdemeanor penalties. Even a misdemeanor conviction can upset your life for days or months to come, and will leave you with a criminal record. You need a qualified defense attorney who will work hard to have the charges against you downgraded or even dropped. The attorneys at Katz & Phillips have extensive experience with handling domestic violence problems, and we will work hard to prove to a court that you are not guilty of the acts that law enforcement or a loved one have charged you with. Among the domestic violence charges we defend:

Domestic violence is an emotional crime, but emotion has no place in a courtroom. Facts are necessary, and you can trust the attorneys at Katz & Phillips to identify the mitigating factors in your case and to make use of them. We will make every effort to make sure an incident of domestic strife does not ruin your life and your reputation and result in a criminal record.

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