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Giving Back

Katz and Phillips Giving Back to the Community

At Katz and Phillips, we are dedicated to giving back to our local Orlando community. We believe it is our duty to help those around us in an effort to better our society. We have seen the difficulties some members of our communities face, and we are committed to helping those who need it. The Orlando Criminal Team offers a few different scholarship opportunities and supports a major charity in the local area.

Ashley Rose Honorary Diabetes Law Student Scholarship Award

Congratulations to Casey McCullen Our 2015 Scholarship Recipient

David Katz, a partner here at Orlando Criminal Team, has been personally affected by diabetes. When his daughter, Ashley Rose, was just 18 months old, she was diagnosed with the disease. In addition, his wife also has Type I diabetes. As such, he know the difficulty diabetes can bring, especially for students. We want to help law students whose lives have been affected by the disease. Our goal is to raise awareness for diabetes while also giving back to the community in a unique way. Click here for more information and to apply.

Single-Parent Scholarship

We know it’s not easy to raise a child on your own. Trying to afford school as a single parent can be even tougher. While we cannot solve all of the issues of being a single parent, we do want to help those who are striving to get their law degree. That’s why we created our Single-Parent Scholarship. This $1,000 scholarship is open to any single parent pursuing a degree in law.

Beating Heart Disease Scholarship

Living with heart disease is one of the most difficult situations a person can endure. It is tolling, both physically and mentally, for both the patient and their family members. Yet, many victims of this condition and their loved ones don’t let it define their lives. Instead, they persevere to achieve their dreams. At Katz & Phillips, we applaud those who have overcome such extreme challenges and are pursuing a law degree. We want to make things just a bit easier for them, and that’s why we created our Beating Heart Disease Scholarship. This scholarship is specifically for those who have heart disease or have overcome it, or their family members.

Dancing for Diabetes

Dancing for Diabetes

The Orlando Criminal Team also supports those who have been inflicted by diabetes by sponsoring Dancing for Diabetes. This organization was founded by Elizabeth Stein. As a young girl, she was out of school for a month with a strange illness. She lost 20 pounds and could never seem to quench her thirst. Finally, doctors diagnosed her with Type I diabetes. It was in that moment her life changed forever.

As a dancer, she never worried about what she ate, how much she exercised or anything else like that. Suddenly, she had to worry about taking insulin shots, monitoring her blood sugar and everything else that comes from having diabetes. But, Elizabeth decided not to take this change to her life sitting down. Instead, she decided to become a force for good against the disease.

She got a group of dancers together to perform in an effort to raise money toward diabetes research and a hunt for the cure. What began as a small fundraiser and a performance for about a hundred people has escalated to a show for an audience of at least 600. In addition, nationally renowned dancers have joined the the ensemble to champion a night of hope and fundraising for a cure. Elizabeth says this tradition will continue until a cure is found. For more information or to get involved, visit the Dancing for Diabetes website.

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