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Attorney Spotlight - Interview

DUI FAQ with Board Certified DUI Defense Expert David Katz

David KatzDUI stands for driving under the influence. It can be under the influence of alcohol. It can be under the influence of drugs. And when we say drugs, it can be either prescription medication that a person has been prescribed, or prescription medication that they took that was somebody else’s, or illegal drugs.

Attorney Matthew Gunter Discusses The Intricacies of Domestic Violence Cases

matthew-gunterDomestic violence cases tend to be very different than DUIs or theft cases because there are many more gray area’s and with heightened emotion among the involved parties, it makes each case very unique.

Attorney James Phillips Discusses Sex Related Crime Cases In Florida

James PhillipsSex-Related Crimes Can Be Complex Cases that Can Be Difficult to Defend Due to the Public’s Perspective of the Nature of the Crime



Former Prosecutor And Fbi Special Agent And Current Criminal Defense Attorney Interview

david_faulknerFormer prosecutor & FBI Special Agent and current criminal defense attorney, David A. Faulkner handles cases ranging from DUI to attempted murder.



Why All DUI Client Cases are Different

matthew-gunterAttorney Matthew Gunter discusses why there is not a typical DUI defendant or common DUI client.



11 Legal Tips You Should Know

David FaulknerAttorney David A. Faulkner has a strong educational background. He is a former Assistant State Attorney (prosecutor), a former Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation and a Class C Licensed Private Investigator.


Have DUI Charges Evolved Over The Years Interview

David KatzDavid Katz is a founding partner of the Law Offices of Katz & Phillips, P.A. Mr. Katz limits his practice almost exclusively to the area of DUI defense. For More than 5 years, Mr. Katz has focused his practice on DUI defense. Prior to opening his own law firm, Mr. Katz was the lead DUI prosecutor in Seminole County, Florida.



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