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Orlando Sexual Abuse Attorney

Sexual Abuse Charges in Orlando

Sexual abuse charges are a very serious legal problem that requires the immediate assistance of a skilled Orlando sex crime lawyer. There are several types of sexual abuse charges, with varying penalties, all of which can lead to time spent in state prison, and the requirement upon release to register as a sex offender. The types of sexual abuse charges that could be filed include serious felonies such as child sexual abuse, spousal sexual abuse, sexual abuse accusations against a priest, minister or other religious worker, as well as sexual abuse accusations related to nursing home cases or others.

These are serious criminal offenses that can lead to many years in prison if convicted. In some cases the accusations are completely false, but will have to be dealt with in court, even if you are innocent. Innocence is not enough to ensure that you won’t face conviction. The first step is to ensure that you have legal representation from a skilled Orlando sex crime lawyer from Katz & Phillips, P.A. Our legal team will review the evidence and determine how to move forward with a defense in your case.

Sexual Abuse Defense

How do you defend a charge of sexual abuse? The initial action taken by your attorney from our firm will be to carefully evaluate every aspect of the evidence that has brought about the arrest. If the case is related to accusations that are strictly from one individual with no other evidence, it is likely that immediate defense actions could bring the case to a resolution. When there is supporting evidence or testimony from others, it may be necessary to get the help of an independent investigator to look into all aspects of the accusation and find evidence to bring to court on your behalf.

Each of our cases is given the full focus of your attorney, and we are proud of our trial abilities and record of success, even in the most difficult of criminal cases. How your case is presented to a jury will have much to do with the outcome of your case. Not all law firms have the talents in the courtroom possessed by our legal team. In many cases there is a natural bias against the accused, even when they are completely innocent, and overcoming this tendency to assume guilt is the first step in a successful defense case. Challenging the prosecutor’s evidence, aggressively cross examining witness and finding the holes in their case is all part of our daily business. We can help.

Contact an Orlando sexual abuse lawyer from our firm for a seasoned defense lawyer with outstanding courtroom skill.

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