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What happens to my Florida drivers license if I am convicted of a DUI in another state?

If a driver is convicted of DUI or the equivalent crime of DWI – or in Ohio it’s called OUI, operating under the influence – out of State, if a Flor – if a Florida-licensed driver is convicted of a DUI or an equivalent charge outside the State of Florida, the Department of Motor Vehicles in Florida will suspend their driving privilege as if they had received that DUI in the State of Florida.

If the State outside of Florida has a longer suspension period – for instance, if on a first offense the State that the person is convicted in suspends their driver’s license for two years, Florida will recognize every minute of that two-year suspension.

If they have shorter suspension, Florida will impose its own suspension and suspend the privilege as if the person had been convicted in Florida.

Also, in order to get a license back, the person who was arrested outside the State of Florida will have to complete all of the requirements of the outside State to get a license back in that State and the Florida requirements.

So if the outside State didn’t require an alcohol evaluation and counseling if recommended, when the person returns to Florida, if they ever want a license back, they are going to have to submit to an alcohol evaluation, and if counseling is recommended, do that counseling.

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