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Well, one of the misconceptions is that just because someone blows over the legal limit leads automatically to a conviction. Florida’s statutes, when it comes to DUI, are set up in a way that that presumption of impairment can be rebutted.

For an individual who wants to represent themselves, we strongly advise against it, even in the simplest of cases. Those individuals aren’t trained in the rules of evidence. They’re not trained how to pick a jury if it ever gets that far. They’re not trained on the timeliness of filing motions or even how to file a motion.

We see that more often than you’d imagine. We’ll see someone with a DUI from ten years ago, get a second one. It’s more rare to see somebody get two DUIs back-to-back within the same year, but when that does happen that’s a red flag that someone has a drinking problem, or they have some sort of issue that’s causing them to make these choices.

For DUIs in Orange County and Osceola County, they have instituted a diversionary program for DUIs. That program is essentially a contract with the State Attorney’s Office and the defendant. The judge does not come into play with this program; however, the contract is offered to the defendant and they have to do all the DUI sanctions.

Federal criminal statutes cover a great variety of crimes. Public corruption is one such category of crimes. Public corruption offenses are crimes committed by public officials, where they essentially use their position in public service to further the crime. When I worked as a Special Agent with the Federal Bureau of Investigation, I was assigned to a Public Corruption Unit in Miami, Florida.

A felony is defined as a criminal offense that is punishable by a specific length of incarceration. If the penalty for the crime consists of one year or less of incarceration, then it is considered to be a misdemeanor offense. If the penalty is greater than one year of incarceration, then the offense constitutes a felony.

This may apply to any criminal case. One of the biggest mistakes that is made is talking to law enforcement without having a lawyer present. That is a serious problem, as even an innocent person can incriminate themselves.

This may apply to any criminal case. One of the biggest mistakes that is made is talking to law enforcement without having a lawyer present. That is a serious problem, as even an innocent person can incriminate themselves.

Domestic violence charges, even if you’re not convicted or if it’s dismissed, have that stigma about it – that you’re a malicious person, that you’re violent – and what employers may not realize is that someone could be arrested for domestic violence battery for spitting in their spouse’s face. It’s a very weak case, but I’ve seen those types of arrests because technically, that’s still battery under the law.

First and foremost, when you have battery or assault, those are going to be misdemeanors. Those are punishable by up to a year of jail or a year of probation. Generally speaking, if someone’s convicted of those offenses, they’re going to have certain domestic violence classes as part of probation, such as how to deal with anger or how to prevent controlling people.

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